Window Selection

How I Selected Replacement Windows For My Home

Every so often, I feel the need to enhance the appearance of my home with an upgrade. Over the past few months, I’ve added a new front door and replaced some dented siding. Last week, I opted to replace my home’s windows. Initially, I thought the process would be simplistic, but I was terribly wrong. There were numerous options and I was somewhat overwhelmed in the beginning. So, I’ve put together a comprehensive guide below to help you through this difficult situation.


WindowsVinyl Windows

When scouring through the various types of windows on the market, you’ll find that vinyl has become the most popular choice amongst consumers. This is not a coincidence. Vinyl is widely known for its durability, beauty, and affordability. You’ll never have to worry about vinyl cracking, peeling or fading over a period of time. Despite this, it is vital to know that vinyl isn’t nearly as strong as wood and vinyl windows can’t be painted. So, if you’re going to follow in my footsteps and opt for vinyl, you’ll want to make sure you get the right color on the first attempt.


Wood Windows

Wood isn’t the most popular material for windows, but it does have a few advantages. Wood is idealistic, because it behaves like a natural insulator. Although I decided against wood windows, I’ll admit that their ability to regulate a home’s temperature definitely make them attractive. However, the biggest thing that changed my mind was the maintenance requirements of wood. Wood windows are initially experience and they required painting and staining over time, in order to prevent cracking and fading.

Although I am a handy gal, I don’t think wood windows fit into my time schedule. If you do decide to choose wood windows, just remember that the installation procedure will be a little trickier.



Another choice that consumers will need to consider is the aluminum window. This type of incredibly common and very inexpensive. In fact, their prices tend to remain very close to that of vinyl windows. However, aluminum can be an excellent choice for one reason. Aluminum tends to be better for those living in hotter climates. Since I don’t live in an environment, which experience incredibly hot temperatures, I stuck with vinyl windows.


The Best Of All Worlds

Types of WindowsFinally, I was given the option of purchasing composite windows. I had never heard of such and did a little research. Composite windows incorporate a handful of different materials, including vinyl and wood. They may also have other materials, such as fiberglass. The addition of these materials can help to make the windows much more stable and durable than just vinyl or wood alone. Unfortunately, composite windows are more expensive than the aforementioned types of windows.


Energy Efficiency

Aside from the type of window in question, it is also pertinent to consider the window’s energy efficiency rating. The sole purpose of windows is to keep out Mother Nature. A window, which possesses a higher energy efficiency rating, will be more effective for this purpose and vice versa. This information will be designated as a U-factor. Be sure to opt for the most energy efficient windows you can afford, as this will save you money in the long run.



I’ve left pricing last for a reason. Although price will definitely be very impactful, it is best to leave it for last. As long as you’re able to fit the best windows you can find into your budget, you’ll be good to go. Just remember the spending more is often wise and will usually provide you with longer-lasting windows.



Well, this is the process I followed when purchasing windows for my home. It worked well for me and should do the same for you. Just remember to find your own answers, because each consumer’s needs will vary substantially.


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