DIY Home security tips

Tips On How To Enhance Home Security Without Hiring A Professional

Home security is a common topic of today, with the ever increasing crime rates homeowners are forced to take measures into their own hands. You can always hire a professional security company to enhance your existing security system. However, you can take on the project by yourself and save a lot of money in the long run. Below, you will discover a few short tips on how to enhance your home security.

Keeping Your Lawn Mowed

Many homeowners will delay cutting their lawn, even though it is ankle-deep. This is a huge mistake that can give criminals the impression that your home is vacant. It is important to make your home look like it is lived in at all times. It would be wise to mow your lawn at least once a week and more often, if at all possible.

Mail Collection

Almost every American citizen receives their mail through home delivery. Well, did you know that many people fail to empty their mailbox on a routine basis? Criminals are lurking around every corner and they are always looking for signs that point to homeowners being on vacation. Collect your mail every other day and more often, if you receive a lot of important letters. Magazines and weekly ads can bog up your mailbox and make it look like you have not emptied it in weeks. If this sounds like your mailbox, you are only luring criminals toward your home.

security imageTrim Trees And Shrubs

Yes, trees and shrubs do you provide homeowners with lots of privacy, but did you know that they make great hiding places? Well, tall shrubs are the perfect place for criminals to hide until the homeowner leaves to do errands of go to work. These areas can also be very dark, making it nearly impossible to see a criminal, even if you wanted to. Trim your trees and shrubs at least every three to six months to prevent criminals from becoming tempted.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a necessity for all residential and commercial establishments. Did you know that just having security cameras installed in and around your home can deter criminals? Well, even a dummy camera can scare criminals away, so if you do not have a security system with cameras, you should invest in one immediately. The modern security camera systems are compatible with your smartphones. This capability allows users to watch a live video stream of their home and the surrounding property.


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